June 11, 2005
Sonicwall Welcomes New Approach Computing as a Channel Partner

The SonicWALL Medallion Partner Program offers all of the essential ingredients for success, including great discounts, training, and technical assistance. The business benefits of the Medallion Partner Program are designed to help provide our customers with the maximum value of SonicWALL's industry leading security solutions.





Our partnership with IBackup allows us to effectively monitor your offsite backups. An offsite backup is critical in time of fire, theft or earthquake. Click on the IBackup logo above to begin the offsite backup that you have needed, with our support as an approved partner. If you prefer, we can handle the transaction for you.

Our business relationship with Mailroute allows for immediate help with spam, virus, and other mail related issues.
You never fall behind in virus spam filtering updates. This is a proven solution that keeps "bad" mail from even entering your mail server.

SPAM Filtering
VIRUS Filter
Disaster Recovery is included - if your email server is down, we'll queue up your mail until it's back and running

How it Works.

When an email is sent to your company, the MailRoute DNS servers analyze the health and performance of the MailRoute network and reply with the optimal choice. The email enters the MailRoute network and is analyzed, processed and passed along to its ultimate destination - typically in under one second

The Managed Service Advantage

The most effective email protection sits outside a company's network and acts as a frontline defense. Positioned between the Internet and your email server, this solution is designed to block spam and viruses before the threats reach you. The expertise of a managed service provides a proactive, dynamic defense against spammers' constantly shifting strategies.

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As a Corel Associate Channel Partner we have access to free technical support, pre-release product and great discounts on NFR software